29 Nov 2021

Two Western Disturbances (WD) Will Come In Coming Days

Latest reports have been coming in from Indian meteorological Department which have shared through ANI scientist RK Jenamani as he stated that two Western Disturbances (WD) will come in next days. 

According to the reports coming in the last WD had come on 23-24 Oct. It will now come around 2-3 Dec, north India will experience rainfall. 

Hills will also receive rainfall. There will be wind too, so pollution and smog condition will improve according to RK Jenamani, IMD scientist.

Another western disturbance will come on 5-6 Dec, during this Delhi will receive rainfall. One or two places in NCR may receive drizzling on 2nd Dec. Chances (of rainfall) is higher on 5-6 December.

According to RK Jenamani, IMD scientist, hills and plains both would receive rainfall.

As far as rest of the areas are concerned, a low-pressure area is forming in south Andaman Sea tomorrow, 30 November. 

Depression would be until 2nd December and due to this Odisha and Andhra Pradesh will experience heavy rainfall. We are observing, details will be out shortly according to RK Jenamani.

Another system, causing long spells of rainfall in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh began reducing from today. 

We have issued an orange alert for Gujarat for 1st Dec; Konkan, central Maharashtra will also get heavy rainfall, Mumbai will also receive little rainfall on 1-2 according to RK Jenamani.

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