23 Dec 2021

Latest On The Suspension Of 12 MP's In Parliament

Latest reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where Rajya Sabha Secretariat has informed that it has been noted with concern that a factually incorrect narrative has been presented based on the observations of some leaders and MPs of RS.

This is with the matter of stalemate over the suspension of 12 Members of the House and adjournments of the House during the session accordingly to RS Secretariat.

Chairman constantly engaged with leaders and MPs both from opposition and Government to find a way forward to enable House function normally. 

According to reports the Chairman has even complimented some MPs for coming forward to resolve the stalemate over suspension issue and was in regular contact with them as per RS Secretariat.

Rajya Sabha Chairman, during his conversations with leaders from both sides and on several occasions in the House urged both sides to resolve the matter amicably through discussion given the stated positions of both sides according to reports coming in from RS Secretariat.

Initially it was proposed to Chairman that LoP would express regret on behalf of all suspended MPs in the House.

But an issue was raised that what if some parties whose MPs were suspended would disagree with LoP in case he expressed regret on behalf of all suspended as per RS Secretariat.

The Rajya Sabha Secretariat has also informed that the Chairman has suggested that the best course would be to talk to all concerned parties before expressing regret for the incidents of Aug 11 that led to suspension.

It was even suggested that if all parties concerned were not on board, regret could be expressed on behalf of the parties willing to do so. But nothing happened thereafter according to Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

Chairman even suggested to Govt to move a Motion for termination of suspension in case such regret was expressed according to Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

The precedent of the then LoP RS Arun Jaitley expressing regret on behalf of 7 MPs (no BJP MPs suspended) for their misconduct during the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill in 2010 also came up for discussions with leaders according to Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

It was recalled that some opposition parties refused to nominate their Members on the committee that the Chairman proposed to set up to enquire into the incidents of August 11 that led to the suspension of some Members.

It was recalled that Chairman on several occasions in past, both in House.  It was also expressed outside as a concern over resorting to persistent disruptions as a matter of strategy to derail functioning instead of debating issues under relevant provisions by giving due Notices according to RS Secretariat.

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