7 Dec 2021

St. Joseph School Vandalised In Madhya Pradesh By Goons On Conversion

Latest report having coming ine from Madhya Pradesh where a mob vandalised sent Joseph School in Ganj basoda yesterday on the charges of religious conversion of students.

According to reports the incident has occurred when the students we are giving their class 12th exams inside the school.  The mob included members of some Hindu organisations, vandalised St Joseph School in Ganj Basoda of Vidisha district.

This mob claimed of the religious conversion of students at the school. The students were taking their class 12th CBSE board exam when the incident occurred. 

Brother Antony, school manager reported that a letter circulated in the name of our school that 8 Hindu students have been converted to Christianity. They are not our students. 

Letter is dated Oct 31, Sunday when no teacher and student comes. I had informed Police still, only 2 cops were here according to Brother Antony, school manager.

SDM Roshan Rai has said in the matter that we had made adequate Police arrangements, had tried to stop them. A memorandum has been received.

SDOP Bharat Bhushan Sharma in this matter has stated that Police personnel present here. All children are safe. Nuns are also here, they are safe too. TI and Asst TI are present here.

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