27 Dec 2021

Union Ministry Issues Guidelines For Covid Vaccination

Latest reports have been coming in from Union Ministry of Health which has issued recent guidelines for covid-19 vaccine among the children between the age of 15 to 18 years.

According to reports coming in Union Health Ministry has issued guidelines for COVID19 vaccination of children between 15-18 years.

According to health ministry decide covid vaccination, precaution dose to health care and frontline workers and 60+ population with comorbidities.

According to reports coming in from Union Ministry of Health and Family welfare for those HCWs and FLWs who have received two doses, another dose of COVID-19 vaccine would be provided from 10th Jan. 

The prioritization and sequencing of this precaution dose would be based on the completion of 9 months from the date of administration of 2nd dose reads the guidelines.

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