27 Dec 2021

Petroleum As Fuel Would Be Substituted Soon: Ministry Of Road Transport

Latest reports have been coming in from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari who have said that order to substitute India's import of petroleum as fuel would be brought about soon.

According to reports coming in Union Nitin Gadkari has said in order to substitute India’s import of petroleum as fuel.

According to the Minister the order will provide direct benefits to farmers, automobile manufacturers in India have now been advised to start manufacturing Flex Fuel Vehicles.

According to reports coming in from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways which has shared that Union Minister of transport Nitin Gadkari has said that Flex Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FFV-SHEV) complying with BS-6 Norms.

This would be in a time-bound manner within a period of six months according to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a official statement.

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