1 Dec 2021

Why Should We Apologise, Ask 12 Suspended MPs

Reports are coming in that impasse between the Opposition and the government over the suspension of 12 MPs from the Rajya Sabha continued as neither side was willing to concede any space. 

The government wants the “errant” MPs to unconditionally apologise on the floor of the House. On the first day of the sit-in at the Mahatma Gandhi statue on Parliament premises.

As per reports MPs said it was for the government to apologise for undermining parliamentary democracy.

Reports are also coming that Rajya Sabha saw four adjournments on Wednesday, each time after Opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge sought to raise the suspension issue. 

The Opposition parties held another round of meeting at Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge’s residence in the evening to discuss the strategy ahead. 

According to sources, the suspended MPs would continue their protest at the Gandhi statue and simultaneously the issue would be raised in the House.

Reports are coming that Congress MP Syed Naseer Hussain said, “What should we say sorry for? 

Parliament is meant to raise the issues concerning the people of the country. Parliament is meant for debate, discussion and dialogue. 

The government has scant respect for democratic traditions of our country. Do you think we need to apologise to the government for asking questions?” 

He added that at least one dozen MPs every day moved notices to discuss important issues such as price hike, Indo-China crisis, the farm agitation and so on but none of these notices were admitted. 

TMC’s Dola Sen said that the only reason the Opposition was forced to disrupt the proceedings was because they were not allowed to speak and debate the relevant issues in the House. 

Ms. Sen was suspended in September 2020 when the farm laws were passed in Parliament and then again in the monsoon session.

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