1 Dec 2021

United States of America Expressed Concern Over Situation In Afganistan

Latest reports have been coming in from United States of America where the government sources have reported that the pace and scope of the US India partnership continues to expand.

Whether it's at UN or with Quad partners, our growing security and diplomatic cooperation with India is vital to a free, open.

It is inclusive Indo-Pacific: Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, US State Department 
US officials.

These views has been expressed as a deep concern regarding allegations of human rights abuses and urged Taliban to protect the rights of all Afghans.

The United States of America upholds and enforce its policy of general amnesty and take additional steps to form an inclusive and representative government according to State Department sources.

According to US delegation led by the special representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West which has held talks with senior Afghan Taliban representatives in Qatar on Monday and Tuesday, the US State Department said. 

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