23 Feb 2022

6 Members Of ITBP Team Scale Down Mount Karzok Kangri In Ladakh

Latest reports have been coming in from Ladakh where a team of 6 members of Indo Tibetan border Police has scaled mount Karzok Kangri in Ladakh.

According to reports coming in from Ladakh where Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) central mountaineering team scaled Mount Karzok Kangri in Ladakh on 20th February.

They have done this big achievement in extreme weather conditions where the minimum temperature is -40 degrees celsius these days. 

According to reports this was the first-ever ascent to Mount Karzok Kangri. 

The team of 6 mountaineers of the ITBP led by the mountaineer Commandant Ratan Singh Sonal scaled the 20,177 feet high peak located in Ladakh. 

Deputy Commandant Anoop Negi was the Deputy leader of the group. The team did not use any special mountaineering equipment and support system.

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