9 Feb 2022

90 Year Old Man Arrested For Murdering His Bedridden Wife And Mentally Challenged Daughter

Latest reports have been coming in from ANI which has reported from the economic state of the country Maharashtra where a 90 year old man has been arrested and sent to police custody.

According to reports coming in a 90 year old man, Purushottam Singh has been arrested and has been sent to 3-day police custody.

According to the reports coming in he has been arrested after he confessed to murdering his bed-ridden wife and mentally challenged daughter in Sher-e-Punjab Colony.

According to sources he was arrested to the murder of his wife and daughter as he was worried about what would happen to them after he dies.

This has been reported by Sr Inspector Sanjiv Pimple,Meghwadi while he was speaking to ANI.

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