10 Feb 2022

Government Has No Business To Do Business: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Latest reports have been coming in from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who in an interview given to ANI has said that Govt has no business to do business. 

Its job is to think about food for the poor, make houses and toilets for them, get them clean drinking water, make health facilities available to them, make roads, to think about the small farmers. 

And this is my priority PM Modi said in an interview to ANI.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi further stated that if somebody calls this socialism, I accept it. 

When I talk of fake socialism, it's about dynasty. Can you see Lohia ji's, George Fernandes', Nitish Kr's families? 

They're socialists. I received letter that 45 ppl from SP,hold some post. This dynasticism is threat to democracy said PM Narendra Modi.

Replying to the above interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Bihar minister and Janata Dal (United) leader Sanjay Kumar Jha has said that for Nitish Kumar Ji, the entire Bihar is his family. 

The Minister further stated that he is the only leader who practices socialism. JD(U)-BJP has been in a long alliance and NDA got mandate till 2025 in the name of Nitish Kumar.

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