15 Feb 2022

India Is One Of Most Powerful Country Of South Asia, An Active Quad Nation: US Press Secy Karine

Latest reports have been coming in from the United States of America where is United States of America is fully vigil over the situation arising in Ukraine and Russia.

According to reports coming in from Deputy Press Secretary of United States of America who have in a media interface share that we'll continue to build strategic partnership.

According to reports coming in Deputy Press Secretary of United States has shared that we will build this strategic partnership in which US and India work together to promote stability in South Asia.

According to reports both US and India will collaborate in new domains such as health,space, cyberspace.  

The secretary further stated that we will deepen our economic and technology cooperation;contribute to a free and open Indo Pacific.

The Deputy Press Secertary further stated that we recognize that India is a like-minded partner and leader in South Asia and the Indian Ocean. 

As per sources White House Deputy Press Secy Karine Jean-Pierre also said that India is active in and connected to Southeast Asia, a driving force of the Quad and an engine for regional growth and development. 

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