5 Feb 2022

Residents Of Sanmandra village, In Balrampur District Of Chattisgarh Living Under Hazardous Conditions

Latest reports have been coming in from Chhattisgarh where residents of Sanmandra village in Balrampur district are staging demonstration against the local administration.

According to reports coming in the residents of Sanmandra village in Balrampur district in Chhattisgarh consume contaminated water in the absence of a proper source of water in their village. 

According to the sources the village also faces difficulties as it remains devoid of a pucca road, forcing them to take a rocky path for their daily needs. 

According to the reports coming in from ANI the residents say that we are forced to consume contaminated water and keep falling ill. 

According to the reports there is no proper source of water here. There's no road either. If someone falls ill, we carry them for around 5 km before getting an auto to take them to hospital.

Patients are sometimes carried on bicycles on shoulders to go to school.

Rita Yadav, Zilla Panchayat CEO while speaking to ANI has said that under MGNREGA, a community tubewell is being set up. 

According to the CEO if more wells are needed, we willl dig that too immediately. As far as the road is concerned, it comes under the Forest Department. 

Rita Yadav, Zilla Panchayat CEO has further stated that I have spoken to the DFO, he has assured me that a road will be built.

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