28 Feb 2022

US Department Releases $54 Million In Humanitarian Assistance For Ukraine

Latest reports have been coming in from Russia and Ukraine crisis which has been going on in the world.  

In this crisis us department of state for Russia and Ukraine has said that our partnership with the people of Ukraine is steadfast and enduring.

According to the US Department we are focused on Ukraine’s urgent humanitarian needs as an important part of our response to Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack.

As per reports this was said by US Department of State for Russia Ukraine Crisis.

As per sources the Department further added that it is with welfare of ordinary Ukrainians in mind that we are announcing provision of nearly $54 mn in humanitarian assistance to those affected by Russia’s further invasion.

This includes nearly $26 mn from Department of State and $28 mn from US Agency for International Development according to US Dept of State.

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