8 Mar 2022

All Help Given To Ukrainian Refugees In Russia: Russia Representative At UNSC Meeting

Latest reports have been coming in from the the crisis which have arisen from Russia and Ukraine in the world.

According to reports coming in from UNSC meeting where Russia has said that from the area of special military operation, more than 1,68,000 people have safely evacuated to Russia.

According to the statement in last 24 hours around 5,550 people have crossed the border. 

The Ambassador of Russia to UNSC has said that we are also establishing temporary accommodation points for the civilians arriving from Ukraine. 

According to the reports coming in from Russia at UNSC meeting the issues of evacuation of the population from other regions.

The Ambassador to UNSC has said that as well as the provision of humanitarian assistance, are being politicized. 

The Ambassador has furthet added that in particular, the requests of the Ukrainian side voiced to us less than 3 hours before the opening of humanitarian corridors according to Russia at UNSC meeting.

According to the reports Russia representative at UNSC meeting  in the statement on possibilities of evacuating the Ukrainian citizens towards Russia, the officials have ignored the fact that there were already Ukrainian refugees in Russia.

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