19 Mar 2022

Around 6.5 Million People Displaced In Ukraine Due To Russian Invasion, Condition Worse

Latest reports have been coming in from the United Nations where United Nations have estimated that in the war between Ukraine and Russia around 6.5 million people has been displaced inside Ukraine.

According to reports coming in because of heavy firing and shelling in major parts of the cities of Ukraine many people have migrated and those who are staying inside Ukraine are living under hazardous conditions.

According to sources there have been continuous firing by Russian troops on ukraine's major cities and this has led to the pathetic conditions of ukrainians.

Despite of repeated peace talks between Ukraine and Russia nothing fruitful has been coming out between both the countries and this war is still going on for the continuous 25th day in Ukraine.

Many citizens of Ukraine have left their country and have migrated to the neighbouring countries resulted from this war.

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