9 Mar 2022

In Freezing Cold, Ukrainians Flee Capital Kyiv Over Bombed-Out Bridge

Latest reports have been coming in from the war affected area of Ukraine where as per recent reports civilians are desperate to take refuge in Russia.

According to the sources desperate civilians has started fleeing besieged Ukrainian cities after Russia offered humanitarian corridors.

According to reports the number of refugees leaving the country since Moscow's invasion has passed two million.  

As per sources people are evacuating from Bucha and Irpin areas northwest of Kyiv were seen crossing over the river on makeshift walkways of planks and mangled metal at the site of the bridge that was earlier destroyed in a bid to hamper any Russian advance. 

According to the sources a video was also tweeted by news agency AFP showing the civilians are forced to travel on foot with their belongings, children and pets, in icy wind and blinding snow.

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