6 Mar 2022

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett To Hold Mediator Role Between Ukraine And Russia

Latest reports have been coming in from Russia and Ukraine crisis which has been going on for the past many days in the world.

According to reports coming in from Russian Ukrainian War where Visa, MasterCard has suspended all operations in Russia. 

The companies issued statements saying that they will cease all transactions in Russia over the coming days according to the Kyiv Independent.

On the other hand Puma has also decided to suspend operations at all its stores in Russia.  According to the reports Puma has already stopped deliveries to Russia following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine as reported by Reuters.

However on the other hand Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at Kremlin for Ukraine talks as per reports AFP quoting spokesperson.

According to reports earlier Israel has condemned the Russian invasion and has voiced solidarity with Kyiv.

Israel has also sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine. It also is mindful of Moscow's military support for President Bashar al-Assad in Syria as per reports from Reuters.

According to the sources Ukraine has asked Bennett to mediate with Russia, citing Israel’s good ties to both Kyiv and Moscow. Putin has previously been cool to the idea as per Reuters.

According to the reports Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has stepped into the role of mediator as Russia's invasion of Ukraine intensified.

As per sources Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennettholding talks at the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin before calling Ukraine's president and flying to Berlin reports AFP News Agency.

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