17 Mar 2022

Powerful Earthquake Of 7.4 Magnitude Rocks Japan Leaving 2 Dead And Millions Without Power

Latest reports have been coming in from Japan where a major earthquake has shaken most of the parts of Japan yesterday night.

According to reports coming in an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred 297km Northeast of Tokyo, Japan.

According to the sources the earthquake occurred at around 8.06 pm yesterday night as per National Center for Seismology.

According to sources the result of this earthquake has left around 2 million homes lose power and were left in dark.

According to the reports AFP quoting Tokyo Electric Power Company after the earthquake there was no power and around 2 million people were left in dark after an earthquake in Japan.

According to the reports coming in from AFP two people have been killed and dozens have been injured in the overnight earthquake that rattled large parts of east Japan.

According to reports coming in from AFP which has shared drone images showing a derailed Shinkansen bullet train in Shiroishi, Miyagi prefecture.

This has occurred after a 7.4-magnitude quake in large parts of east Japan overnight.

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