3 Mar 2022

Russia And Ukraine Clarifies On Reports Of Human Shields Of Indians In Ukraine

Latest reports have been coming in from Russia and Ukraine crisis where there were reports that Indian nationals were taken in as war hostages by Ukrainian forces.

Clarifying on these reports both Russian Embassy and Ukraine government has released their notification in this regard that they have not been keeping nationals of any country as war hostages.

According to reports coming in as per Russian Embassy in India's tweets, "according to latest info, Indian students are taken hostage by Ukrainian security forces to use them as a human shield and in every possible way prevent them from leaving for Russia. Responsibility lies entirely with the Kiev authorities." 

Similarly in this regard Ukraine Foreign Affairs Ministry has urgently calls on Governement of India, Pakistan, China and other counties.

According to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine these students have become hostages of Russian armed aggression in Kharkiv and Sumy, to demand from Moscow that it allows opening of a humanitarian corridor to other Ukrainian cities. 

According to reports coming in from ANI where US State Department spokesperson has said that we have seen no verified reports of using civilians as human shields; they're commonly used in Russian disinformation. 

The US condemns the invasion of Ukraine and the violence it has brought to the citizens and residents of the country as reported by United States of America state department to ANI.

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