9 Apr 2022

Hafiz Talha Sayeed Declared Designated Terrorist By Ministry Of Home Affairs

Latest reports have been coming in from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Union Government with in a notification have declared Hafiz Talha Saeed as designated terrorist.

According to reports coming in from Ministry of Home Affairs  (MHA) which has issued a notification declaring Hafiz Talha Saeed, son of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.

According to reports coming in Hafiz Talha Sayeed son of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is a senior leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

According to the sources Hafiz Talha Sayeed  is the head of the cleric wing of the LeT.

According to the reports coming in Hafiz Talha Sayeed has been declared a designated terrorist under the provisions of the UAPA Act 1967. 

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