3 Apr 2022

India Assistance To Sri Lankan Government Has Been Appreciated By All Sections In Sri Lanka

Latest reports have been coming in from the latest situation arising in Sri Lanka crisis where Indian government has reported that India has responded to urgent requests from Sri Lanka with promptness. 

India's High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Gopal Baglay while speaking to ANI has said that since January this year, support from India to Sri Lanka exceeds US dollars 2.5 billion.

He has further added that a line of credit of $500 million signed in February. According to sources 4 consignments totalling over 150,000 tons of jet aviation fuel, diesel & petrol have since arrived. 

5 more consignments to follow till May. Another line of credit of $1 billion for food,medicine and essential items signed according to Gopal Baglay.

The first consignment of rice from India is expected to arrive in SL shortly under this credit facility. 

These facilities, negotiated and concluded within a matter of weeks, have proved to be the lifeline for the people of Sri Lanka as per India's High Commissioner to Sri Lanka said while speaking to ANI.

Besides, RBI has extended a currency swap of US dollars 400 million and deferred payments owed by Central Bank of Sri Lanka owed to RBI under the Asian Clearance Union worth several hundred million dollars.

According to reports Gopal Baglay India's High Commissioner to Sri Lanka has said that India’s prompt assistance to the people of Sri Lanka at this hour has been appreciated by all sections of the Sri Lankan society.

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