28 Apr 2022

No Student Has Become Christian In Our Schools: Bengaluru Archbishop Peter Machado

Latest reports have been coming in from Karnataka where according to Bengaluru Archbishop Peter Machado has said that Education Department has ordered an inquiry about whether the Bible is used or religion is taught in our (Christian) schools. 

According to Bengaluru Archbishop Peter Machado he feels very hurt. We can bravely say that no student of other religion has become Christian in our school.

According to reports Bengaluru Archbishop Peter Machado has stated that Non-Christian students not required to read Bible and no Bible instructions for them. 

He has further stated that Education Minister has said Bhagavad Gita will be introduced next year as its moral education text.

While Bible and Quran are supposed to be religious texts so they will not be allowed according Archbishop P Machado.

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