14 May 2022

Biggest Covid-19 Outbreak In North Korea Since onset Of The Disease

Latest reports have been coming in from North Korea where ANI has reported that North Korea has been facing the most difficult time since the onset of Covid 19 variant.

According to reports coming in North Korea has been facing the biggest challenge since the foundation of the republic over the spread of COVID-19.

This has been informed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said, as quoted by the state-run KCNA news agency.

According to KCNA, Kim said that the country must focus on implementing the anti-coronavirus measures and boost them to stop the spread of the disease, Sputnik News Agency reported on Saturday.

The country has reported 17,400 new COVID-19 cases, taking the total number of infections to 520,000, according to the KCNA news agency.

According to the reports 21 new fatalities were also reported due to the coronavirus cases, according to Sputnik News Agency.

North Korea reported the first coronavirus deaths on Friday. At least six persons were confirmed dead yesterday in the country.

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