14 May 2022

Drone Sighted In Jammu And Kashmir By BSF And It Went Back to Pakistani Side In Wee Hours Today

Latest reports have been coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where security forces has spotted a Drone which has been coming in from Pakistan International border.

According to reports coming and from Jammu and Kashmir has spotted a Drone at around 4:45 a.m. in the wee hours today morning.

According to sources BSF troops spotted this drone at around 4:45 am near International Border in Arnia Sector of RS Pura.

The BSF however has fired 7 to 8 rounds of bullets whenbthey have spotted this drone today morning and after that the drone went back to Pakistan side according to the sources of Border Security Force.

The Border Security Forces has started an investigation to know the reasons and the consequences of the entry of drone.

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