16 May 2022

Five People Feared Dead After They Drowned In Western Yamuna Canal In Buria

Latest reports have been coming in from Haryana where five people have been feared dead after they drowned in western Yamuna canal.

According to reports coming in from ANI which has shared that five men are feared drowned in the Western Yamuna Canal in Buria region of Yamunanagar on May 15

According to DSP (Yamunanagar-1) Subhash Chand who has shared that around 9-10 people were here, swimming. 

According to the reports later a few other people came and started pelting stones. They had an enmity from 2020 as per DSP (Yamunanagar-1) Subhash Chand.

According to DSP (Yamunanagar-1) Subhash Chand out of fear, people went deeper and 5 people who didn't know how to swim, drowned. 

We will take action on the basis of their statement according to DSP (Yamunanagar-1) Subhash Chand

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