3 May 2022

Germany To Provide 10 Billion Euros Assistance To India For Various Green Energy Projects

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of External Affairs of the country which has shared that in a major development that Germany has made a commitment to provide 10 billion Euro to India for various development projects.

According to the reports coming in Germany has made an advance commitment to provide 10 billion euros.

As per reports this amount will be provided for new and additional developmental assistance in India until 2030 under the Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI).

As per sources this JDI has been taken for Green and Sustainable Development Partnership signed between the two countries.

This has been informed by Ministry of External Affairs.

According to the reports this has been shared while addressing a press briefing at the conclusion of the first leg of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Europe visit.

According to the sources Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said that this JDI will provide a long term strategic perspective to the development cooperation agenda between India and Germany.

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