2 May 2022

Loudspeakers Should Be Removed From Temples And Mosques Both: Kishori Pednekar, Shiv Sena

Latest reports have been coming in from the economic state of the country Maharashtra where the loudspeakers roar is still gaining politics 

According to the reports coming in Kishori Pednekar,Shiv Sena in this regard while speaking to ANI has said that no one including Muslims opposed Hanuman Chalisa.

Loudspeakers will be removed from temples and mosques. The government is appealing to all to maintain peace. Law is equal for all.

If Raj Thackeray has said anything objectionable in his speech then action will be taken against him according to Kishori Pednekar,Shiv Sena. 

According to Kishori Pednekar,Shiv Sena loudspeakers should be used in accordance with noise pollution rules. 

She has added that if anyone breaches prescribed decibel limit then loudspeaker should be removed. 

According to Kishori Pednekar,Shiv Sena, MNS workers shouldn't take the law into their hands otherwise their life will be wasted attending court dates.

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