2 May 2022

Some Passengers Severely Injured After Spicejet Durgapur To Mumbai Flight Hit Turbulence

Latest reports have been coming in from Durgapur where SpiceJet Boeing B737 aircraft operating flight SG-945 from Mumbai to Durgapur encountered severe turbulence.

According to the reports SpiceJet Boeing B737 aircraft faced turbulence during descent which unfortunately resulted in injuries to a few passengers. 

However according to reports immediate medical assistance was provided upon arrival in Durgapur according to SpiceJet spokesperson.

According to the SpiceJet Spokesperson,  SpiceJet has expressed its regret at this unfortunate incident and SpiceJet is providing all possible medical help to the injured.

According to one of the passenger the flight was about to land at Durgapur airport when the aircraft began to hobble as the flight experienced massive turbulence following extreme bad weather. 

However, few passengers were severely injured during this major mid-air turbulence according to one of the passenger.

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