25 Jun 2022

3-year-old boy allegedly sold for 1.30 Lakh in Jharkhand, Rescued: Police

Police have rescued a three-year-old Jharkhand boy, who was abducted on June 19 and sold to a woman in Bihar for Rs 1.30 lakh allegedly by his aunt, an official said on Friday.
The suspect's aunt and the woman who bought him were arrested and jailed.

A boy who was rescued from Makhdumpur, Bihar district, Jehanabad, was returned to his home in the village below the Muffasil police station in Hazaribag, Jharkhand on Thursday night, a police officer said.

Following the disappearance of the child, members of her family filed a complaint with the police on June 20.

After learning that he had last been seen at his aunt's house, police questioned him and revealed that the baby had been sold to a Bihar woman who had three children but no children.

Police, along with the baby's father, went to Makhdumpur to rescue the boy.

A total of R1.10 lakh of cash was found at a child's aunt's house in Meru village, a police officer said.

Police were trying to determine if anyone else was involved.

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