17 Jun 2022

Air Force Launches Under 'Agnipath' Program From June 24!

The Indian Air Force on Friday thanked the government for raising the age limit of 23 to 21 to be recognized under the 2022 Agnipath program.
In a statement, the Indian Air Force chief of staff, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, said, "We are pleased to announce that the maximum (hiring) age limit has been revised to 23 years. This will benefit the youth. The Indian Air Power recruitment process will start on June 24 . "

"The government has announced the Agnipath program where young people will be able to join the army. on June 24, ”he said.

Significantly, COVID-19 suspended military recruiting for more than two years. For 2019-2020, the Army hired jawans and no one has entered since. On the other hand, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force were both recruited two years ago respectively.

Violent protests over the Central Government 'Agnipath' recruitment drive continued in Bihar on Thursday with hundreds of people trying to disrupt railways and roads as police fired tear gas canisters to disperse them.

Also on Wednesday, those who wanted to enter and stage protests in the Muzaffarpur, Begusarai and Buxar districts over the program, disrupted roads and railways. The recruitment of 'Agniveers' will commence in the next 90 days and the first batch will be ready by July 2023. "The government should give 'Agniveers' 20-30 percent of the jobs if it does not work after four years. Under the Agnipath program '", said the protester.

The Agnipath Scheme was recently introduced by the government in an effort to transform the Armed Forces recruitment system. With the new recruitment process facing the decline of the Opposition groups, the Institute has decided to bring about a change in the age limit for recruiting Agniveers. Offering a one-time withdrawal, the Center on June 16, 2022, announced that the Agniveer Agnipath Scheme's additional years limit was extended to 23 years from 21 years.

Following the launch of the Agnipath program, the entry age for all new recruits has been set at 17 1/2 - 21, the Department of Defense said on Friday.

The Department of Defense, in a statement on Tuesday, said the Agnipath program was designed to strengthen the Armed Forces youth profile. It will provide an opportunity for young people who would like to wear a uniform by attracting talented young people to the community who are in line with modern technology and bring back talented, skilled and motivated workers in the community.

It is envisaged that the middle age profile of the Indian Armed Forces will decrease by approximately 4-5 years with the implementation of this program. The nation will benefit greatly from the inclusion of highly motivated youth with a deep understanding of self-control, diligence and focus that will be competent and capable of contributing to other fields.

This is a major change in the security policy introduced by the Government to usher in a new era in the Human Resources policy of the three Services. The policy, which comes into effect immediately, will govern the registration of these three services.

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