27 Jun 2022

Ashok Gehlot strike "Missed" by Union Minister Grazes Sachin Pilot!

Trade union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has been given a court order by the Rajasthan Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in a case of alleged horse-selling in connection with a plot to overthrow the Ashok Gehlot government in 2020.
The notice was issued by a Jaipur court after the ACB applied for a review seeking samples of Gajendra Singh Shekhawat's voice.

The minister was asked to submit his response on July 14, sources said. Last year, the lower court rejected an application by the anti-affiliated organization. Next, the ACB filed an appeal, with the court now seeking Mr. Shekhawat's response.

Shortly after Mr Singh's announcement, Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot launched a vicious attack on the Union Minister, saying he and Congress leader Sachin Pilot were trying to oust his government two years ago.

Mr Gehlot's remarks come after Mr Shekhawat's meeting in the town of Chomu in Jaipur that if Sachin Pilot did not miss the opportunity to change government in Rajasthan, then water would come through the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project.

"You are now taking the name of Sachin Pilot who missed the opportunity, which shows that you were connected to him," Mr Gehlot said.

The Prime Minister said Shekhawat continued to save himself but eventually received a court order. "What's the problem with providing voice samples?" he asks.

During the uprising led by then-Deputy Prime Minister Sachin Pilot in 2020, three audio clips surfaced online in which some rebel Congressmen appeared to be chatting with a BJP leader, discussing bribes to overthrow the Ashok Gehlot government.

Congress said the audio clips contained the words of Gaendendra Singh, rebel MPs Banwar Lal Sharma and Vishvendra Singh.

Congress leader Mahesh Josh then registered the FIRs with the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Special Operations Group (SOG) on the basis of audio clips.

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