20 Jun 2022

Border control does not apply to epidemic testing: IATA

Border control is not working to control the epidemic and politicians should balance the economic and social benefits of air connection against the need for health-related travel restrictions, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said in a statement on Monday.
The industrial organization, which represents about 290 airlines, comprising 83% of international airlines, has called on governments to use lessons learned from global communications to respond to Covid-19 to ensure future global health threats can be effectively managed without shutdown. boundaries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) long ago warned that border closures were not the only effective way to control the global epidemic and that the evidence obtained during the epidemic proved this, according to IATA. “Most governments have ignored this advice, worked to isolate themselves from the industry and other governments, and imposed restrictions on travel. This has disrupted global communications and had serious economic and social consequences, ”said the industry body.

The resumption of global communication has been made more difficult as governments continue to prefer local solutions above international standards, said IATA, adding that continuous policy changes in government leave most of the industry little time to prepare for the rise.
“It is important to restore public trust in the government's handling of health and border issues. Much of the damage was not caused by fear of the virus, but by fear of sudden and illegal border crossings imposed by the authorities. Understanding the key lessons in this epidemic will be crucial in managing future health problems in a way that ensures that borders do not close again, ”IATA quoted IATA Deputy Director-General Conrad Clifford as saying.

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