30 Jun 2022

Devendra Fadnavis to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Maharashtra: Amit Shah

About 3 hours after Devendra Fadnavis relinquished any position in the Maharashtra government, his party said otherwise.
"He should be the Deputy Prime Minister," BJP president JP Nadda said, addressing the shocking second person of the day. "I'll ask for it myself."

The first was a decision, announced by Mr Fadnavis, that Eknath Shinde, not himself, would be the new Prime Minister of Maharashtra.

"I will not hold a position in government," Mr Fadnavis said at the time. He has served two previous terms as Prime Minister and it was his charity project, in particular, that led to the resignation of Uddhav Thackeray as head of state last night.

Given his previous position as chief executive officer of his district, Mr Fadnavis may have viewed reporting to Mr Shinde as an unpopular dismissal. After seven o'clock at night, Mr. Fadnavis reportedly accepted his new job.

Nine days ago he was the principal of the game which saw Mr Thackeray cornered by a team of his team led by Mr Shinde.

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