30 Jun 2022

To Eliminate Hand Fraud, Starting From IIT Madras Enhances Robot Cleaning Septic Tanks.

At a workshop at IIT Madras, 45-year-old Nagamal, the widow of a demolition student, is eager to learn how to use a robotic septic tank cleaner. Soon you will become a businessman in Chennai who uses this robot technology - HOMOSEP, to clean septic tanks.
Her husband Kannan died while inhaling toxic gas when she entered a sled removal tank 20 years ago. I have two daughters and life was hard. He has now arrested two others for his new job after struggling as a domestic worker for more than a decade. He told NDTV “I am very happy to have been given the first machine. I am proud that in this way I will be able to save the lives of ten people. ”

More than 900 people who have been involved in head trauma have died since 1993 from asphyxia while cleaning septic tanks. Submitted by Safai Karamchari Andolan with a technical solution, Solinar a startup from IIT Madras developed this robotic tractor system, in consultation with local communities.

The arm of the robot with blades that can open and close, reaches down to the septic tank, dips in the mud, mixes and pumps the slurry to remove any intrusion by hand.

Professor Prabhu Rajagopal, from the Department of Engineering and Co-Founder, says, “Each district should have a set of teams to assist with the acquisition of these machines and to obtain cleaning contracts. Thus the problem can be solved permanently. When the stigma is gone, anyone can come in and do the work with these machines, do the work with dignity and livelihood. ”

Founded by a student team and a member of IIT Madras, the machine costs about R20 lakh. CSR (Commitment Commitment) funding helps many like Nagammal to become machine owners. The team also works for an integrated model. Divanshu Kumar, CEO of Solinar, start up said, "In the current compact version we think the sludging system, drainage and storage tank can all be installed in one car itself, which will make it very modular. and to distant places. ”

For many years, a few organized communities were forced to continue the practice of extermination, violating human rights and dignity. Now the victims' widows and self-help groups are setting up businesses to make a living and to earn a living.

Ms Deepthi Sukumar, Member of the National Executive Team, Safai Karamchari Andolan says, “Having a technology that provides a solution to this creates a great history. For someone like Nagammal and Ruth Mary, everything changes for them. Their social status, their self-esteem, their self-esteem and their dignity are all changing. ”

It is not the science of rocket but after 75 years technology has emerged that can prevent people from joining hands, restoring human dignity and economic empowerment. Many hope that local themes will use this technology to speed up the transformation process.

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