28 Jun 2022

Giant Stingray Found in Cambodia Crown by World's Largest Freshwater Fish By Guinness!

The fish was caught by fishermen in the Stung Treng region of northern Cambodia on June 13, according to GWR.

According to a statement from fishery and environmental company FISHBIO, scientists believe the animal is a positive development in the river, threatened by human robbery and development, dam dams and climate change.

Extraordinary fish, sometimes known as whipray, measured 2.2 m (7 ft 2 in), the equivalent of two ping-pong tables, with "wings" on each side (30 cm), GWR said. continuously.

According to GWR, the ray-breaking ray, is part of the endangered species. Given the Khmer language name, "Borami" meaning "full moon," refers to both his disk-like form and the evening release time.

The estimates were taken by a team of international ichthyologists as part of the US-Cambodian project "Wonders of the Mekong", in collaboration with the Cambodian Fisheries Administration, despite the fact that the findings were made by local people.

Dana Lee, a fishery biologist at FISHBIO, was one of the researchers who helped measure the monster, adds GWR.

"The first sighting of a large stingray while being pulled deep was an amazing moment for me," he told GWR.

"Mekong has always been a mythical place in my mind and this creature was almost like a man-made river," he added.

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