7 Jun 2022

IED Bombs Brought Down From Drone And Defused By BSF In Jammu And Kashmir

Latest reports having coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where BSF has reported the recovery of IED led bombs and different boxes of children which were send to India in a Drone activity by Pakistan.

According to the reports coming in from the Jammu and Kashmir where last night BSF has observed a drone activity in Kanachak area.

According to the reports the security forces fired bullets at the drone. And immediately Police party was deployed and followed anti-drone SOP was followed. 

According to the sources of BSF at around 11 pm at Dayaran area of Kanachak, police party has observed the drone activity and fired at it again.

However it is reported that the payload attached to the drone was brought down. The payload contained 3 magnetic IEDs packed inside the children's tiffin boxes with a timer set to different timings. 

According to the reports coming in from BSF the IED has been deactivated and diffused through a controlled explosion. A case has been registered. 

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