3 Jun 2022

Kashmiri Pandits Targeted Again In Kashmir With Recent Attacks And Killings

Latest reports have been coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where local Kashmiri pandits who have been supported by PM Modi to live in Kashmir has said that the latest developments on the attacks and killings of Kashmiri pandit in Kashmir has again brought a sense of fear among the Kashmiri Pandits living in Kashmir.

 According to recent reports coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where panic-stricken Kashmiri Pandits working under PM package reached Jammu due to targeted killings in Kashmir Valley.

According to one of the protester while speaking to ANI has said that today's Kashmir is more dangerous than the 1990s. 

Most important question is why our people were locked in our colonies.Why administration is hiding their failure added the protestor while he was speaking to ANI.

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