3 Jun 2022

President Joe Biden Worries Recent Mass Shootings In USA, Ask For More Laws And Healthier Society

Latest reports have been coming in from United States of America where President Joe Biden while giving a statement with the recent shootout in America by teenagers have said that America will be raising the age to buy weapons from 18 to 21.

According to the President this is not about taking away anyone's guns, we believe that we should be treating responsible gun owners as examples of how every gun owner should behave.

According to the US President Biden have given the statement on recent mass shootings and the President stated that the need for Congress to pass commonsense laws to combat epidemic of gun violence.

He has further stated that this isn’t about taking away anyone’s rights. It’s about protecting children, families, and communities. 

He has stated that it is also about protecting our freedoms to go to school, to a grocery store, to go to church without being shot and killed added US President Joe Biden on gun violence.

The President Joe Biden has further stated that the House is planning more action next week, safe storage requirements, ban on high-capacity magazines, raising the age to purchase an assault weapon to 21.

However, according to the federal red flag law it is time for the Senate to do something said US President Joe Biden on recent gun violence by teenagers.

However, the President Joe Biden has further stated that we should reinstate the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that we passed in 1994. 

In the 10 yrs it was law, mass shootings went down. After Republicans let the law expire in 2004 and those weapons were allowed to be sold again mass shootings tripled according to US President Joe Biden statement.

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