22 Jun 2022

Ramdev Calls Agnipath Protests "Meaningless", Asks Protesters To Do Yoga!

Stopping protests against Agnipath's plan as "meaningless politics", yoga teacher Swami Ramdev on Wednesday accused a few people of "spreading unrest" in the country to "remove" Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah from power.
Speaking at a yoga event at the University of Delhi, Ramdev said there should be yoga in politics, but there should be no politics in yoga.

"If (the protesters) had done yoga, they would not have turned to the heat. They should also do yoga. This (protesting Agnipath) is a meaningless politics. Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah in power, "he said.

The Agnipath plan, announced by the Institute on June 14, proposes to recruit soldiers into the armed forces on a temporary contract. The plan aims to deduct 75 percent of employees after four years of service without pensions and health benefits, but with a pay package of approximately R11.70 lakh.

Following the proclamation, violent protests erupted in many parts of the country.

Ramdev was the main guest on the second day of Yoga Week organized by the University of Delhi to commemorate the 8th International Yoga Day.

The Minister of Culture and Parliamentary Affairs Arjun Ram Meghwal was also present as a special guest. The program was hosted by DU Vice-Chancellor Prof Yogesh Singh.

"Yoga should be in politics too, but politics should not be in yoga," Ramdev said.

Explaining yoga, Ramdev said that yoga is a form of self-control and self-motivation, and it has great potential for self-reflection. Physical and mental well-being and keeping the mind, thoughts and emotions controlled by yoga, he said.

Speaking at the event, Meghwal said asanas, pranayam and meditation are complete yoga that feeds the four vital organs of the body.

"This eliminates negative thoughts and brings beauty. The meaning of yoga is to unite the mind, intellect and soul. When this addition is completed, yoga is practiced in accordance with the Indian principle," he said.

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