17 Jun 2022

"Russia Already Lost Overly": UK Army Chief of Staff in Ukraine War!

Russia has already "lost tactics" in its war with Ukraine, has lost a lot and strengthened NATO, a UK security official said in an interview published on Friday.
"This is a terrible mistake made by Russia. Russia will never rule Ukraine," said Tony Radakin, the country's top military official, adding that there would be "significant diminishing power".

"Russia is already lost. NATO is strong, Finland and Sweden want to join," he told the British Press Association.

Radakin said Russian President Vladimir Putin could achieve "strategic success" in the coming weeks, but he gave up a quarter of his country's military power to gain "little" and run out of troops and arrows of advanced technology.

"The Russian machine grinds, and gains a few miles - two, three, five - every day," the admiral said.

"Russia is also at risk because it is running out of people, it is running out of advanced technology.

"President Putin used about 25 percent of his military force to locate a small area and 50,000 people killed or injured.

"Russia is failing."

Radakin paid for the "brave" Ukrainian people, and vowed that the UK would support Kyiv "for a long time" with more weapons.

"We have been providing anti-tank weapons, there are other things we are providing that will continue," he said.

The Kremlin on Thursday warned of the launch of new Western weapons in Ukraine as French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi visit Kyiv.

"I would like to hope that the leaders of these three provinces and the President of Romania will not focus on supporting Ukraine by continuing to disarm Ukraine," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He added that it would be "absolutely useless and will cause further damage to the country".

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