24 Jun 2022

"Talent Lost": Wasim Akram Describes How the Work of a Pakistani Cricket Team Star Lost

Pakistan's endless supply chain for talented fast bowlers has given the world a lot of valuable cricket. Some have become legends, while others have crossed paths after showing the first spark. One of them who achieved great heights was Wasim Akram. With a left-handed run, Akram delighted the batting rivals. In 104 Tests, he took 414 wickets and in 356 ODIs, he took 502 wickets. He also did a quick fast bowling alley with Waqar Younis and gave Pakistani cricket a memorable few times. Behind him, a few quick pundits have impressed Pakistan, but Akram is disappointed with the one tosser who can’t do justice to his talent.

"Everyone praises Mohammad Asif. I mean the gift was undoubtedly a waste of time. No matter who I talk to ... that kind of skip I saw after a long time. Jis tareeke is in control of karta tha ball ko. and, "Akram said in the title of the program" To Be Honest 3.0 "on YouTube.

"I haven't seen him in years. It's been 10 years since I arrived in Karachi, going to Lahore very slowly."

Asif played only 23 Tests in Pakistan and took 106 wickets. He also played 38 ODIs and 46 wickets. However, his career was cut short after he was charged with spotting during the 2010 Test match. Prior to that, he was tested for possession of illicit drugs.

When asked by the anchor if he would reprimand her for what she had done, Akram replied: "I doubt it. Chota baccha hai, galti ho gayi thi."

Asif last played for Pakistan in 2010 and recently appeared in the USA while running training camps for children.

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