28 Jun 2022

View: Five Planets Enter the Unique Planets Show for the first time in 18 years

The five planets of our solar system, billions of miles apart, come from just before dawn on a rare planetary planet that will not be repeated by 2040.
Mercury, Mars, Venus and Saturn recently appeared in space above the Earth. The five planets come together as they travel in their orbits around the Sun forming a straight line as seen on Earth. Moon also joined five planets, making the event even more important.

Astronomer Dr. Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project was able to capture all five lunar planets in the sky above Rome, Italy, on June 26.

"Although imagining such bright stars is often easy, in the case of such a spectacle there are important things to consider: first, the planets while ecliptic, speculating in the orbits of the Earth's orbit can include many degrees. In the sky (over 100, in this case); difficult to photograph, low above the horizon and visible in the brightest light of the sky at dusk, ”said Dr Gianluca Masi, according to the Virtual Telescope website.

Dr. Masi informed that in the northern hemisphere, the unusual planetary eclipse is best seen between 45 and 90 minutes before sunrise. The planetary line extends from sunrise to south.

The alignment has been taking place since June 10, when Mercury began to appear above the horizon, separating itself slightly from the Sun.

Seeing all five planets in perfect harmony with their growing distance from the Sun is unusual. This last happened in December 2004. According to Dr. Masi, in the future when such planning will take place, with the planets showing the same sequence, it will be in 2040.

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