15 Jun 2022

West Bengal Govt Urges Schools to Provide Midwives!

As the West Bengal government extends the summer holidays to state-run schools and 11-day service until June 26, the School of Education has asked administrators to distribute lunch among caregivers during June 20-26. In a statement, the Project Director, Midday Meal Program on Tuesday called on district authorities to request schools to distribute rice, potatoes, sugar, pulses and soap between caregivers on scheduled dates from June 20 to June 26. Each guard will be provided with 2 kg of rice, -2 kg potatoes, 250 grams of sugar, 250 grams pulses and one bar of soap in the school distribution center.

Purba Medinipur Primary School principal Akhil Maity said, “We welcome the announcement. Many poor families always look for lunch. During the closure, we distributed lunch among the caretakers of our school in the Kanthi area ... "

The national government has announced an extension of the summer holidays for 11 days from June 15 to 26 in state-run and state-run schools due to hot and humid conditions. Schools were expected to reopen on June 15.

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