26 Jul 2022

'Big Brother' Monitoring Phone Calls: Opposition Veep Nominee Jabs Center

Opposition vice-presidential candidate Margaret Alva claimed politicians' calls were being monitored by "Big Brother", an apparent reference to the government.
Ms Alva had earlier said she could not make or receive calls after speaking to some "friends in the BJP".

Since then, Ms. Alva claimed, calls to her cellphone have been diverted and she has been unable to make or receive them.

"The fear that 'Big Brother' is always watching and listening permeates all conversations between politicians across party lines in the 'new' India. MPs and party leaders carry multiple phones, frequently change numbers and speak in hushed whispers when meeting. Fear is killing democracy." she said in a tweet.

Last night she posted a tweet addressed to two government telcos.

"Dear BSNL/ MTNL, After talking to some friends in BJP today, all calls to my mobile are diverted and I can't make or receive calls. If you restore the phone. I promise I won't call any MP from BJP, TMC or BJD tonight," she said .

Ms Alva will be pitted against former West Bengal Governor Jagadeep Dhankhar for the post of Vice President.

Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress, which rules West Bengal, has announced it will abstain from the polls.

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