26 Jul 2022

Girl On Scooty Honking At Hearing Impaired Man. Then she stabbed him

A 15-year-old girl allegedly stabbed a differently-abled man to death in Chhattisgarh's Raipur in a road rage incident. The minor was riding a two-wheeler and after failing to respond to the horn, she assaulted the hearing-impaired victim who was riding the bike.
The incident took place in Kankalipara area on Sunday.

The fifteen-year-old was riding a scooter with her mother. She repeatedly honked her horn in an attempt to overtake the victim, Sudam Lader, who was riding a bicycle.

Mr. Lader, 40, did not hear the horn. Thinking he was ignoring her, the girl stopped the scooter and started yelling at Mr. Lader.

The girl then allegedly stabbed Sudama Lader in the neck with a knife she was carrying. He was taken to the nearest hospital but died on the way.

She then sped off, leaving her mother behind. She was nabbed in the Mandir Hasaud area and the weapon used in the crime was also recovered from her possession, police said.

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