1 Jul 2022

Bollywood Threatened Another Indian Movie-Making Powerhouse

Bollywood has a tough rival now in India. It is bigger, louder and makes more money than its Hindi-filled cousin, known for its signature dances and fun wedding scenes.
A new genre of films from southern India - heroes, big budgets, dramas, some of which are played with toxic dolls and vicious violence - are increasingly dominating the world market of 24 billion media and entertainment, and in some cases, making their mark across India.

Although shot in regional languages ​​such as Telugu and Kannada, it attracts millions of viewers to theaters that test the so-called subtitles.

In the first movement of the "RRR" movement, the story of two Indian freedom fighters who fought against British colonies in the 1920's. It has grossed up to $ 150 million worldwide, according to The Numbers website, since its release in March, and Rolling Stone magazine and other American publications have released some glamorous reviews of the film.

"K.G.F" and "Pushpa" action franchises raised about $ 200 million in total, local media reported, following the wild success of the two-part story "Baahubali" in 2015 and 2017, which raised about $ 290 million .

The numbers represent the water symbol in the Indian film industry that has long struggled to match Chinese or US size, despite being home to nearly 1.4 billion people.

Consultancy Ormax Media estimates that the Telugu film industry - known as Tollywood - earned about $ 212 million last year, surpassing $ 197 million made by Bollywood, which has long been based in India's business center, Mumbai.

The breakthrough, which marks a turning point in the south of the country, comes at a time when Bollywood is moving in a series of flops, as its increasingly western content limits its appeal to a large urban audience.

Movie makers in southern India "have received more content than any other language," said Karan Bedi, chief executive of India's MX Player. "If you look at a few of the best films, it's all a formula for great heroes."

Also, hot songs are also good news for live streaming such as Netflix Inc., Inc. and Walt Disney Co. who love these filmmakers with local content to develop users in a large market but regardless of price. India's entertainment and entertainment industry will grow by 17% this year to $ 24 billion and reach $ 30 billion by 2024, according to a March report by EY and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

The richest south of India is home to moviegoers and thousands of movie screens. The region is also known for producing hundreds of films annually regarded as kitsch and even Bollywood standards, which often feature larger heroes and heroines. Some of those celebrities have become successful political leaders.

SS Rajamouli, 49, a striker who redefines Indian entertainment in a new genre, filmed the "RRR" with a budget of $ 72 million, something unprecedented in India. Many of these images are large and have no shortage of hitrionics. They are also enhanced by special effects. In a battlefield signed "RRR," the hero grabs a heavy motorcycle and uses it as a club to beat up bad guys.

In a review of "RRR," Rolling Stone wrote, "in case the film deserves to be seen with the crowd and on the biggest screen you can imagine, this is it," but he also warned that it puts it at risk of being "one long total. - a decrease in adrenaline rush. "

In a recent interview, Mr Rajamouli said he was pressuring the finances of his projects and often skipped budget. Prior to the meeting, he had watched the YouTube reel of "Top 5 Most Awesome Cinema Game Trailers" - memorizing a tense style that elevated him to the top.

"Obviously the film has to be a success," said the director of his suburb of Hyderabad, home of Tollywood. "Otherwise everyone will be in big trouble."

Less well known outside India, Mr. Rajamouli filmed only in Telugu, the fourth most widely spoken language in the country, during his twelve years of administration. He also co-hosted the "Baahubali" franchise, which spent 600 days filming the largest custom-made set at the world's largest center, Ramoji Film City - a 2,000-acre site and theme park on the outskirts of Hyderabad. .

His vision has always been "bigger, bigger and better," said Rajamouli, removing Hollywood inspiration from "Brave Heart," "Spiderman" and "Superman," and the 1957 Telugu fantasy epic "Mayabazar."

Subtitling has changed the game for some regional movies, said Anupama Chopra, a film commentator and director of the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

"That has also enabled the stars, especially the Telugu cinema, to gain an audience that was outside their region," he said. "Now suddenly everyone is awake."

That success was further aided by a ten-year practice in which the production of Bollywood in the Hindi language “became very western,” according to Ms Chopra, with a strong Indian audience, living in cities where 70% of the population lives abroad. cities.

"Meanwhile, Telugu cinema has never ceased to appeal to a large audience," he said, describing the films as "very masculine," in which the legendary heroes fight in slow-moving sequences and female actors are "pushed aside."

Ms. Chopra is one of the critics who asked the manufacturers to lower their testosterone levels. Many warn that these hats, and hyper-masculine protagonists, could promote normal sex and sexual violence in India - a country now considered unsafe for women.

Telugu language "Pushpa," Kannada "K.G.F." series and to a lesser extent, "RRR" - come full of toxic masculinity and disrespect for women. Violence is glorious

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