5 Jul 2022

People Push Prams, Run Like Gun Shots In US Parade!

Shock erupted at a Chicago suburb yesterday, which featured photos on social media, capturing events as a gunman opened fire on a crowd on holiday on American Independence Day.
Shocked spectators were seen fleeing to save their lives - a man hurriedly pushed a pram to the scene of the alleged shooting. Cyclists paddled trying to figure out what the fears were about.

Prams and other objects appear to have been discarded across the street by spectators. Two people took their belongings as they exited the area and a gunshot was heard in the background.

The shooting happened in the town of Highland Park in the U.S. state of Illionis. It started at 10:14 a.m., police said. At least six people were killed and 22 others, including children, were injured in the shooting.

The alleged shooting suspect - identified as Robert Crimo, 22 - has been arrested. He was armed with a "powerful gun" and opened fire on a crowd on the roof of a nearby building, police said.

U.S. President Joe Biden said he and his wife Jill were "shocked" by the senseless gun violence that once again brought misery to American society on Independence Day.

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