5 Jul 2022

Meghalaya YouTuber Taught by Police on Responsible Media Distribution

Local YouTube was called by Meghalaya police on Tuesday for allegedly distributing sensitive information 'like news' using social media and was taught how to disseminate information that is of public interest.
He was also asked to stop using images and other sensitive information to push his viewers without the consent of the authorities involved, a police official said.

"One person who was disseminating information through YouTube without following the proper procedure in terms of working as a media outlet was called yesterday," East Khasi Hills police superintendent Vivek Syiem told PTI.

He said the person was educated on the principles of participation in the field of information dissemination, especially on the proper procedure for official approval by the relevant authorities, in accordance with certain rules and procedures and in compliance with strict rules of conduct.

There are a lot of people who come to news outlets using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram forums without following any registration process or official sanction, said Mr Syiem.

These stores have no official source of verbal information and may be rumored and speculative reports, he said.

Police have noted that there have been numerous incidents of improper publication and distribution of images on television, inaccurate or inaccurate and unconfirmed information that has caused confusion among the people, added Mr Syiem.

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