5 Jul 2022

"Sad": High Court Comments on Nupur Sharma Criticized by Former Judges, Presidents, Veterans

Fifteen retired judges, 77 senior officers and 25 retired military officers have criticized two Supreme Court judges for their comments on Nupur Sharma, a suspended BJP leader who commented on the Prophet Mohammed leading protests and civil unrest.
Their open letter released today states that the remarks of a two-judge panel - that "you are the only one responsible for what is happening in the country" - "was a clear release of Udaipur's worst beheading". A fashion designer named Kanhaiya Lal was killed last month by two men we call revenge "for insulting the Prophet and Islam".

Nupur Sharma, who is accused of threatening to kill him, wanted to be shot by FIRs who were placed in various provinces over his remarks on a TV program. However, the Supreme Court, on July 1, not only rejected his appeal but also ruled in his favor.

The judges said that Nupur Sharma's "lax language" set the whole world on fire ", and that his comments were not for cheap advertising, political purposes or" bad ". However, recognition was not part of the final program.

The open letter states that those "unfortunate and unprecedented comments" from the bench of Justice Surya Kant and Justice JB Pardiwala "are not in line with the principles of judgment". "Such terrible offenses are unparalleled in the record of justice."

It states that the judges' views were “unrelated” to the issue raised in his application. As "denied access to justice" - the letter adds - "there was outrage over the Introduction, the spirit and the essence of the Indian Constitution".

"One cannot understand why the Nupur case was treated differently," the letter asserts, "such a Supreme Court case is not to be applauded and affects the sanctity and dignity of the highest court."

The 117 signatories include former Bombay High Court Chief Justice Kshitij Vyas, former Gujarat High Court judge SM Soni, former Rajasthan High Court judge RS Rathore and Prashant Agarwal and a former Delhi High Court judge in Delhi.

Former IAS officials RS Gopalan and S Krishna Kumar, former police chief SP Vaid and PC Dogra, Lt General VK Chaturvedi (retired), and Air Marshal SP Singh (retired) are also among them.

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