6 Jul 2022

Supreme Court Remains Orders of Madras Supreme Court on AIADMK Leadership Line

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court suspended an order of the Madras Supreme Court barring the passage of any decisions that could be announced at an AIADMK general meeting with the executive councils on the issue of a single party leadership.
Holiday bench Judge Dinesh Maheshwari and Krishna Murari issued notices to AIADMK general council member Shanmugam and party co-ordinator O Panneerselvam at the request of former Tamil Nadu Prime Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami challenging the High Court order.

"The notice was issued to the defendants, which will be returned within two weeks. Given the facts and circumstances of the case and the subject of the trial and the directions of the high court, it is deemed appropriate that the operation and decision on June 23, 2022, be suspended," the bench said.

The Supreme Court further clarified that the AIADMK General Assembly to be held on July 11, 2022, may proceed in accordance with the law.

"At the moment we do not consider it necessary to pass any further interim orders. It is clear that the merits of these appeals in this court will not be an impediment to a single Public Prosecutor's hearing examining the prayers of any other person. bench.

The high court found that the bench of the high court exceeded its jurisdiction by approving the suspension order at a high council meeting.

Attorney General CS Vaidyanathan, representing Mr Palaniswami, said there had been allegations of contempt at a party meeting after which the high court agreed to discuss the matter.

Advocate Maninder Singh, representing Mr Shanmugam, said one bench, which refused to sit at the council meeting, did not write a reason for the order.

Mr Panneerselvam has filed a lawsuit in the Madras High Court to suspend the conduct of a Palaniswami party party meeting here on July 11.

A high court bench held an unusual midnight stay and passed the order at 4am on June 23.

The court ruled that no unannounced decision could be made at the AIADMK executive council meeting here, preventing the camp led by co-ordinator Mr Palaniswami from initiating any such action on a possible single leadership issue.

The General Council meeting of Tamil Nadu's main opposition party, its highest decision-making body, and the Executive Council was held on June 23.

During the trial, which lasted well into the evening of June 23, a special unit bench granted Mr Panneerselvam relief from a special courtroom occupied by the senior judge in Anna Nagar city, with an appeal against a single judge's decision.

He said the meeting could be held as scheduled and 23 already decided resolutions could be taken and adopted.

There are no new decisions affecting amendments to the party's by-laws to fill the vacancies of co-ordinator and co-ordinator and to reinstate the secretary-general to create a single leadership, the Supreme Court said.

Earlier at 9pm on June 22, a single Supreme Court judge bench in its brief message allowed the meeting to continue but avoided preventing the Palaniswami party from taking any other new decisions, which would eventually lead to a united leadership. .

The aggrieved party led by Mr. Paneeerselvam met with Chief Justice MN Bhandari after the announcement of the single judge's decision and received his approval to choose an appeal against the order.

CJ formed the bench of Justice M Duraiswamy and Sundar Mohan as judges to make a special stay and hear the appeal.

Therefore, the bench occupied by the chief judge's residence began the trial at around 1am on June 23 and issued its orders at 4:00 am, which led to excitement and excitement in the Paneerselvam camp.

AIADMK's internal turmoil over a single leadership issue, with many regional secretaries and others voting for Mr Palaniswami to take the helm, prompted Mr Panneerselvam to write to a former candidate who had been seeking to postpone the meeting, although allegations surfaced that the GC and EC could discuss the issue.

On June 23, a meeting was held amid the unrest and the General Assembly of AIADMK announced that the end of the need for GC members to bring about a one-party leadership system, in favor of Joint Coordinator Palaniswami.

A meeting of the executive council and the General Assembly held together saw Mr Palaniswami step down as chief executive and was honored with a crowned crown, sword, and scepter by supporters.

Mr Palaniswami's colleague and co-ordinator Panerselvam appeared to have been ignored at the meeting and slogans were issued against him.

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